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When I tell people I photograph elopements (and that they are hands down my favorite), their first reaction is, “Uhh if it’s an elopement isn’t getting a photographer a little ‘planned’”?  Most people still associate the word elopement with going to the courthouse and being married by a judge. Or running off to Vegas to tie the knot. I’ll admit, I used to think the same thing, but after being introduced to a new level of elopements this year, my thoughts have shifted. Eloping doesn’t mean you don’t want your wedding to be memorable, it just means you want it to be memorable for different reasons or in different ways!
Imagine an intimate as an officiant speaks words of wisdom and love over you. Imagine your photographer capturing it for your loved ones at home, future generations, and yourself to cherish for years to come.  Here are a few reasons an elopement might be right for you.
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Family Relationships

Tenuous family relationships can be a major concern for couples as they plan their wedding.  Many families have strained relationships, which are draining on the couple and distracts them from the joy and love they should be feeling. For this reason, some couples choose to invite a very small select group of people, or only have the officiant and witnesses present. This ensures that those involved in your wedding are there to be supportive, uplifting, and solely focused on you.

Budget Concerns

Secondly, budget plays a large role in your wedding planning. A recent bride chose to elope because the wedding planners in their area didn’t accept weddings under a 100k budget. For the budget conscious bride, a small and intimate elopement is a great option. When you are no longer feeding 200 guests, renting a venue to fit them all, and providing an open bar, your expenses are reduced significantly. With an intimate elopement you enjoy an inexpensive alternative with few fees involved.


Next, This is an extremely important day in your lives and you get to choose who to share it with. You may be hesitant to be the center of attention or desire an increased level of privacy as you take your vows. Some couples simply don’t tell anyone until the wedding is done!


Fourth, Travel and work conflicts can make planning a dang big party a hassle, or even impossible. Soldiers leaving on active duty, international couples waiting for visas to be issued, and cross-country family are just a few of the travel and work conflicts that might arise. When planning a small and intimate elopement, the only plans you make are for you, your officiant, your photographer, and witnesses.
If you are a multinational couple, the work restrictions for planning a wedding in another country can prove to be a little daunting. From experience: The groom would have to miss almost an entire month of work waiting for paperwork in the country to be finalized. This is not an option for most working men and women! After spending the majority of their relationship long distance, the desire to be married outweighed a large wedding and reception. Because of this snag in their plans, the couple decided to elope and have a ceremony with just them in the mountains. And it was absolutely stunning.

Outside Planning Pressures

Fifth, The pressure to plan a society party or a wedding that includes every aunt, uncle, cousin, and distant relative along with friends and acquaintances be daunting. A small and intimate wedding ceremony is just the way you plan it.  No pressure to have certain entertainment or traditions or guests.  It is simply what you choose it to be. A ceremony that simply focuses on you becoming a married couple. Intimate. Beautiful. Yours.
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You’ve Been Married Before

Sixth, When you’ve already done the big party thing for your first or second wedding, sometimes all you want is a small intimate affair with you and your love. This is the case for many couples who have been previously married. Planning a wedding is stressful and some couples don’t desire to do that part of the wedding all over again. They simply want to be married.

Because You Want To!

Lastly, Couples choose to elope because it is simply what they dream of when they envision their dream wedding! This is the best reason we could imagine. Maybe you are a romantic couple who loves going on adventures – may this be your biggest one yet.
I have found in my recent experiences that it is usually more than just one of the reasons listed above, its usually a combination of a few! Whatever your experience is, whatever your reason may be – consider a small & intimate elopement style wedding, and consider me as your elopement photographer (PS I travel!)
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