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Planning a destination wedding or elopement? As a photographer, I just want to point out that including us in the planning and scheduling of your day and choosing timeline has huge bonuses. We can give you recommendations on timing and location! I’ve included five helpful tips for taking the stress out of planning your destination wedding.

Choosing Your Location

Choose a location that has a lot of variety so you get a wide range of images in a small space. My personal style is I love to be up close to the background so I don’t typically have a lot of sky in photos (especially behind heads). However, it is nice to have room to step back and take in a beautiful vista. Below is a great example of a location that gives us several options for our backdrops. We were able to get a wide range of images by only moving 100 yards between locations.

romantic engagement photo couples in the mountainsromantic engagement photo couples in the mountains romantic engagement photo couples in the mountains

Choosing Your Photographer

Choose a photographer who has a style you love – posing, editing, the whole shebang. We also love when you send us examples from our own portfolios of what you love! This helps us help you choose a perfect location, pick the perfect timing, and capture images you will love.

island-park-elopement-wedding-sunset rexburg-bridal-styled-florals

Why Lighting Matters

When schedules allow, plan your bridal portraits for golden hour (about 1 hour before the sun sets). Even if your officiant isn’t available that late, have a ceremony when they are available – then take a break, grab some food, and head back for bridal portraits with the sun is lower in the sky. It creates more flattering, even lighting, and gives a nice soft glow to your photos. Of course, not every situation is the same and we know that timelines vary. We do our best and know how to work in many lighting situations – but lighting and location will affect the overall feel your photos have. Below I’ve included different kinds of lighting. In short, the tones shift in your photos based on the lighting!

5 tips for planning graphic why lighting matters

Wedding Flowers and Mementos

Include Florals or other personal touches in your wedding plans.  I’ve had couples include family rings, lockets with their parent’s photos, and other heirloom items in their ceremony. They look beautiful in photos and give you something to do with your hands!

locket with photo wedding token mementoelegant and stunning wedding bouquet with pink flowers

Should You Wear a Traditional Wedding Dress?

Choose a wedding dress and ensemble that represents you! You can be as dressed up or as casual as you want. Wear a traditional wedding dress, wear a colorful dress. Wear a suit and tie or be dressed down in jeans and a button up shirt. It’s totally up to you and your vibe! I love seeing the unique dresses my brides choose during their planning! I have brides all the time send me photos of their wedding dress which gets me even more thrilled for them.

bride and groom twirling bride in her wedding dress and hat two brides and their grooms bride in short dress

Most of all, know that there are professionals to help you! I understand that when eloping, you’re often traveling from another state and may not have the same resources you would in your own hometown. When you hire me as your photographer, I’m happy to connect you with others in the wedding industry that provide excellent services! Between us, we will make your wedding day unforgettable!


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