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After years of photographing weddings, I’ve noticed that there are often two details that get left out in the wedding planning. These are small little details that can sure make a big difference in how your dress and ring photos turn out!
This year, I decided to purchase a set of bridal hangers and an assortment of luxurious velvet ring boxes. I’ll be bringing them with me to every wedding and elopement shoot to offer you the best detail shots!

“Bride” Wedding Dress Hangers

First, the bridal hangers. Two different colors of hanger in the same script with “bride” written on them.  Whether you love the light or dark stain of these hangers best, I’ll bring them both!
Why I love them: As lovely as the shop where you bought your wedding dress is, they probably still only included a styrofoam padded plastic hanger to store your dress in. While it’s practical, and does the job, it doesn’t look very classy in photos of your dress on the hanger during bridal prep. These hangers solve that probably in a beautiful, classic, and trendy way.

Velvet Ring Boxes

Next, the Ring Boxes are the other detail investment I am so thrilled to have this year. Ring boxes are often overlooked! These beautiful handmade velvet boxes offer a touch of elegance that can’t be found elsewhere.  I shoot details of wedding rings with the flowers, on the ground, on rocks, and even on your wedding food… but, it’s nice to have additional options! These ring boxes make those high-end detail shots stand out even more. And with all these colors and shapes, we can’t go wrong.

With three styles and seven colors to choose from (not counting the ones currently in my etsy shopping cart), they make the perfect pair with your wedding invitations, hangers, florals, and wedding aesthetic. I am so excited to be offering this as part of my wedding services this year! Which ones are your favorite?

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