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Thank You Nia Cummings from Historia Florals for taking over the blog for a day! She is sharing some amazing tips on how to choose a wedding florist! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Nia several times for photo shoots and I am so thrilled to be highlighting her creative talent today. Nia is a self-taught florist who feels your flowers should tell your story. All bouquets and floral arrangements done by Nia Cummings, photos by Janelle & Co.

Pinterest Worthy Florals

Have you ever wondered what makes all those wedding inspiration pictures on your Pinterest oh so dreamy?…Or how the quirky girl-next-door in your favorite Romantic Comedy has the most stunning wedding day…and who can forget those royal weddings we’ve witnessed over the last decade? What makes these weddings so special? Here’s a secret, it’s not the money spent. It’s the flowers! Floral design done right gives your special day the dream wedding effect that everybody craves. Centerpieces, arches, and bouquets create a setting and mood for your event. The best part is that it doesn’t have to break your budget. The job of your florist is to create living art that sets the tone, theme, and style of your wedding. Here’s what you need to do when choosing the florist that will help create the wedding of your dreams.

1. Choose Your Color Palette

A good range should consist of 3 or more colors. Be sure to pick a metallic accent like gold, silver, or rose-gold.

wedding flower arch

2. Know Your Numbers

Know who will be in your wedding party, number of guests, number of tables, place settings, etc.

wedding place setting cake flowers

3. Make a List of Floral Designers you’d like to work with.

You can find great designers on Instagram and through word of mouth. Narrow your list to 3 you’d prefer to work with. Then, contact them to see if they have your date available.

bride and groom jackson hole

4. Consultations

Don’t be surprised if a florist can’t give you a set price if you’re asking for quotes through email. Seasonality of flowers, quantities, colors, delivery, venue rules all affect floral design pricing. Meet with your florist in person to discuss your floral dreams. A florist should create custom designs and for your specific wedding. This is best achieved when they get to meet with you in person.

bride and groom jackson hole

5. Proposals

You’re thinking you already did this part, right? Well, a florist will also propose to you. They will send you a “Design Proposal.” This will show how they plan to design your theme, colors, and style. It should include flowers that will be in season that they plan to use for your designs. The proposal will also include pricing on how the budget will be spent on specific design pieces.

bride holding wedding bouquet

6. Book Your Florist

Florists will require a part of the total called a deposit to secure your date. Be sure to ask about cancellation policies just in case.

bride and groom romantic

7. Communication

If you have questions or concerns, even after you have finalized the details, your florist will be happy to help! They want to bring your vision to life, so if you think of something that hasn’t been discussed, let your florist know! A few weeks before wedding day, send an itinerary to your florist, so they can be sure that set- up and take-down happens at the right time.

After your wedding, ask your florist if you can donate your flowers to an assisted-living center in the area. There is nothing florists hate more than blooms in the garbage, so be sure to tell your florist what you want to keep and what you’d like to give. Happy Planning!

wedding bouquet in chair

Thank You Historia Florals for such thorough information about choosing a wedding florist! Be sure to check out more of Nia’s amazing work on her Website and Instagram and Pinterest.

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