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This post is part 2 of a 3 part series on what to expect from your photoshoot. You can read part one here. Part 3 coming next week! This week’s installment is what to expect during your session.

Meeting At our Location

On the day of your session, we’ll meet at our appointed time and location. We’ll spend a few moments chatting and then dive right in. First, if you haven’t sent me photos of your outfits already, I’ll take a peek at the different options you’ve brought with you. Then we’ll get started doing any hiking we need to and start our photoshoot!

engagement couple with dogs in island park fun romantic adventurous

Including Special Items or Activities

If you’ve decided to bring any special mementos of your love, make sure you bring them with. When necessary, bring them in something easy to keep track of and carry so we don’t lose them (jewelry, a special photo, motorcycle helmets, etc). If you’re including a special activity make sure we’ve got all the items needed to incorporate them – a canoe for some lakeside photos, horses, etc.

couple horseback riding mountains

Working through poses

We walk through lots of different poses. I love giving you the opportunity to be free and romantic on your own accord. But I tend to find that couples are more comfortable with at least a little bit of direction. Some poses I will be more hands-on helping you to achieve, and some will be open ended. Examples of poses I might encourage you in: “Wrap your arms around each other and rock back and forth”, or “Put your back to his chest, now wrap your arms around her and kiss her forehead. Look up and both of you look at me”. We’ll work through a single pose and get several photos out of it! This gives you a variety of images from your session or wedding! The sample below is one poses turned into 4 or more different photos for your gallery.

engaged couple in the mountains sitting

Outfit and Location Changes

Once we’ve had a chance to work through several poses at our first location, I will have you change outfits and we’ll move to another location either in the same general vicinity or we’ll hop in the car and do some driving, based on what we’ve discussed. We’ll work through several more sets of posing and create images you’ll love for your gallery! I always, always snag some traditional photos for mom and dad, because they love having them.

engaged couple in front of the teton mountains

Requested Poses

Through out our session, I’ll ask if you have any requests. We’ll be sure to work through poses you’ve requested, as long as they are realistic! Bringing a few requested poses is a wonderful idea, but don’t overdo it and plan every single pose. I want you to still be flexible and have fun! Not having to stick to a stringent list. I’m very open to any requests you have, let’s have fun together!

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