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Your photos deserve to be more than digital pictures on a computer drive or in an online gallery. But, I know that choosing where and how to display your photos can be overwhelming. To ease some of the stress, I offer full service printing, from gift prints to wall prints, canvases, albums, and more. This allows you to choose the photos you want to display in your home, and I take care of the legwork to design, order, and deliver your products to you. During your session or your wedding, we’ll have documented beautiful photos of you and your loved ones. Let’s get those images up on the wall, in an album, and show them off!

Color Profile of Printed Images

Professionally printed photos are different from everyday consumer products in a few ways. One of these major ways is in the color profile. Because I edit in a specific way, it’s important where my clients print their photos. For example, when I print client photos using my professional printing company, the final product looks as it does on my editing screen. When I print the same photo at Walmart, it is underexposed and the temperature of the photo (or the color of the photo) is cooler (or more blue).

wedding album leatherbound

Ideas for displaying your photos

My personal preference to display my photos is to hang a large canvas of my favorite photo, then create an album with the additional images from a session. The preference of number of photos, framed or unframed, etc are so varied and unique to you that there is no right or wrong way! I love these examples from Pinterest.

Three Photo Shelves in Hall

Large Framed over Sofa

Three Framed in Living Room

Family Grouping 

Two Photo Shelves in Kitchen


Where can I print photos as a consumer?

I know how important it is to have printing rights to your images. Each session and wedding includes a print release so you can print your images wherever you choose. In the event you choose to print images on your own, I’ve included some recommendations for consumer friendly printing.

Recommended for Canvases: Costco

Recommended for Gift and Wall Prints:

Recommended for Albums: Shutterfly or Snapfish

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