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How to get the best out of your photoshoot

You’re paying good money for a photoshoot, so I want to make sure you get the best out of it! Here are a few areas I recommend planning for to make your photoshoot the best it can be.

Hire a makeup artist and have your hair professionally done

First, consider hiring a makeup and hair artist. While this certainly is not a requirement, I highly recommend it! If you’re planning your engagement session, this is a great trial run of the makeup and hair professionals you are considering for your wedding day. If you are hiring me for a couples or other session, this is a wonderful opportunity to pamper yourself and come to your session looking incredible!

A makeup artist will help to cover blemishes and uneven skin tone, contour, and make your best features pop. A great makeup job will make you look and feel amazing, which translates into your photos! Be sure to touch up your roots and get that hair trimmed prior to your session if it needs a cut. Then, have your hair styled on the day of to get you looking your best for the camera!

casual outfit for engagements dressy outfit for engagement session dressy outfit for engagement session

Bring a Dressy Outfit!

I love the juxtapose of dressy clothes in the wild. Layering dressy and casual clothing together photographs very well and looks beautifully upscale while still having that casual vibe. Dressy doesn’t have to mean stiff. Consider a button up shirt with jeans and a dress. My clients should be prepared with 1 casual and 1 dressy outfit (or more) so that we can capture those fun, romantic, trendy, and classic photos.

Choosing clothing that is fashion forward, trendy, and layered makes your photos pop. Choose clothing that fits well, and is not too tight or too loose! You want to look beautiful, not frumpy! Dresses often photograph more beautifully and are more flattering than pants outfits. Choose an outfit that looks good when you’re standing and sitting. Comfort is key, but you should consider stepping out of the box just a little for your photos or dressing up just a little more than normal! Much of how you will feel about your photos comes from loving what you are wearing.

dressy outfit for engagement session dressy outfit for engagement session  dressy outfit for engagement session get the best out of your photoshootdressy outfit for engagement sessiondressy casual outfit for engagement session

Communicate requests beforehand, have realistic expectations

Be sure to let me know ahead of time requests that you have for your session. I love chatting with you about your vision for your session, and details are key to making sure you leave your session with images you love. Let’s make sure we’re a good fit. Create a Pinterest board from my pins and show it to me! This allows me to see which poses are your favorite and what you want most from your session. This Pinterest board lets me see if you have realistic expectations from our session. If there aren’t a lot of pins from my boards, we might not be a good fit!

If you love what you’ve seen on my website and blog, and on my Pinterest boards, we’re gonna have fun!

dressy casual outfit for engagement session casual outfit for engagements get the best out of your photoshoot casual outfit for engagements


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