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Why I Love Antelope Island

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to the ocean. Did you raise yours? Well, I grew up just a few hours away from the coast, but my husband had never even seen the ocean until he was in his twenties. While the Great Salt Lake is certainly not the ocean, it has several areas that make for great beach photos. So if you’re itching to smell some salty air (that actually smells more like brine shrimp during some months of the year), sink your toes in some sand, and have wonderful views¬† hundreds of miles from the ocean, Antelope Island in Utah is a wonderful option.

Things to Know about Antelope Island

  1. There is a small entrance fee of $10.
  2. During certain seasons of the year, the bugs will be plentiful! Bring bug spray!
  3. There is a cool little marina!
  4. There are so many places to take photos, but this little spot is just after you get off the causeway, on the northside by Ladyfinger.

As much as I love the mountains, the beach is sure a close second. And even that depends on the season! I love that families and couples looking for something unique in Utah have such a great option. It’s really a lake shore, but so stunning to photograph. This is one of my go-to locations for northern Utah family photos!

Family Photos that last

I’ve had the privilege of photographing this family for over 4 years now! I photographed their pregnancy announcement, Tesla’s birth, family photos, their second pregnancy announcement and then more family photos. They’ve traveled to me up in Idaho, and I’ve traveled down to Utah to photograph their family. I’m so grateful to have them as clients and friends and document this special phase of life!

If you’re interested in having me capture the milestones in your family, let’s get in contact!

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