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Planning your engagement session is easier than ever with this what to wear guide! Containing helpful tips, examples of outfits, and Pinterest inspiration!

Be Comfortable and Authentic

It’s important to chose clothes that match your personality and that you feel confident in.  First, look in your closet and choose your favorite pieces of clothing out for both you and your significant other. Then decide which items work best together and see if you need to pick up anything from the store. I don’t recommend going out and buying an all new wardrobe just for photos, but if your outfit choices would benefit from one or two purchases to bring it all together, it is worth the investment! Keep in mind that choosing outfits that are authentic to you is important in having you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. So, keep these in mind also while choosing your outfits…

engaged couple forest mountains

Bring more than one: Casual & Dressy

You’re welcome to bring 2 – 4 different outfits – I recommend bringing at least one set that is more dressy and one set that is more casual. This allows you to mix things up and keep your photos fresh! Since you receive so many photos from an engagement session, it’s important to have a variety in your outfits and locations.

Notice how in this photo with Edkin & Eleonore that they kept the same outfit the whole time, but still switched things up. In the first photo, they both have layers (jacket and cardigan). In the second photo, only he is wearing his jacket, and in the last, neither of them are. These small and subtle changes (and change in location also) still add such depth and variety to their photos!

engaged couple photos love walking, snuggling, forest, mountains

Alysa and Brandon had two outfits for their session – one casual, and one more dressy but still very authentic to them! Heck, they are even barefoot with their first outfit!

Add Textures, Patterns and Prints, and Layers

When choosing clothing, try to choose outfits that compliment one another rather than being‘’matchy matchy’. Avoid neon colors as they color cast on your skin. Choose colors that contrast and compliment, include patterns and textures, and layers. These are all captured beautifully in camera and add depth and dimension to your outfits. Layers also allow you to easily move from one outfit to another by switching up small details.

Consider Location

Consider the location(s) we’re planning to shoot at and choose outfits that make sense for those places. Take into consideration that there may be limited places to change outfits if we are in more remote locations. If your footwear is super cute but not great for adventuring, consider bringing a pair of walking shoes to change into between shots.

For more inspiration, check out the photos below and visit our Pinterest Boards !


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