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Hey! I’m Janelle, an experienced Wedding and Elopement Photographer. I’m also a wife, mom, daughter and sister. My husband and I have been married for nearly 8 years and we have a handsome 3 year old! In 2016, we bought an old mobile home. We then spent a year renovating it (because convincing yourself to work on a project instead of playing in the sun is HARD!), and made it our home in 2017. My husband is a full time IT guy and wants to be a real estate mogul when he grows up 😉 Someday I’ll convince him that my photo business should become a husband and wife team.  In my spare time I like to read, hike, play board games of all types, hang out with my family, and travel! 

family picture at the beach in north carolina family picture at the beach in north carolina

Bucket List Adventures

I’m a wanna be world traveler and hope to travel the world with wedding and elopement photography. My first foreign trip was In 2014 when we traveled to Thailand for an anniversary. At that point I hadn’t jumped head first into photography. Our only regret was that I didn’t plan any photoshoots!  The food, culture, and experience was amazing, and we cannot wait to go back! Plus, I got to pet an elephant so it was totally #lifegoals.

I won my battle with breast cancer in 2018 and started to make a bucket list. I’m tired of waiting to travel and want to have more experiences in life. So, in the span of one week, I purchased tickets and made plans for 4 trips to Washington, North Carolina, Texas, and Cancun (February of this year!). This year, the welcome gift I’m sending to each of my brides is a Bucket List goal book for ideas and adventures. Some things currently on my bucket list for 2019 are: backpacking, snorkeling in Mexico, and get featured/published. I’m looking forward to our next adventures! 

bald beauty breast cancer survivor and family

couple in front of cabin winter

Why I am a Wedding Photographer

Photography has always been in my blood – just come to my family reunions and you’ll see I’m not the only one toting a camera around! My dad was adamant we take family photos every year, and I’m so so grateful he did. We have so many great memories preserved of our family growing up and events that made our family time so special. While planning my own wedding, I knew that photography was not something I wanted to skimp on. My dad had some sticker shock, but we moved things around in the wedding budget and made it happen (also my sister and I got married the same weekend and had a joint reception!). This is a huge part of why I am a wedding photographer now.

I get so much joy and fulfillment by photographing couples in love. It gives me a sense of peace, excitement, wonder, love, and so much more. My desire is to provide our brides with traditional timeless photos infused with romance and adventure. I always snag the traditional couple poses for mom and dad, and then we shake it up with running, laughter, and mushy moments. Each of my brides get to enjoy their wedding day to its fullest, relax, and have fun! And my brides end the night knowing their wedding day has been carefully documented for a lifetime of memories.


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