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You’ve totally heard me say it before, but I love Jackson Hole! I wanted to put together a location guide for my brides and clients traveling from out of state. I know it’s difficult to plan your event without being able to see everything in person! I hope that this list of some of my favorite Jackson Hole locations will help inspire you.

Curtis Canyon Overlook

Curtis Canyon Overlook doesn’t have a close up view of the mountains, but it sure is scenic in its own right. With amazing wildflowers in early summer and gorgeous views all year round, it’s a perfect fit for those who want a unique experience and view of the valley.

bridesmaid curtis canyon overlookromantic engagement photo couples in the mountains

Schwabacher’s Landing

This is my #1 most requested location. With it’s stunning straight on view of the Tetons, it makes for amazing photographs! Schwabacher’s Landing has a huge variety in location and foliage and works for any time of day.

schwabacher landing grand teton national parkfamily photos schwabacher landing tetons

Lucas Fabian Cabin

These cabins get totally overlooked and are tucked away among the trees. Nestled up next to the base of the Tetons, it has fun old cabins and a great view of the mountains. This was a spot I hadn’t been until my cute couple picked it out for their photos.

engagements cabin grand teton national park jackson hole

Taggart Lake Trailhead

I am so glad that I found this spot in my scouting! It has become a quick favorite of mine. It has a great view of the Tetons much like Schwabacher’s Landing, but it is a bit different without the water. Taggart Lake Trailhead is also open in the winter for snow shoeing and cross country skiing. That makes it one of the few locations that are available for photos during the snowy months.

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Leigh Lake

Leigh Lake is another location I found while scouting! Since then I’ve been back for several photo shoots. The water is very shallow for a long time off the shore which makes it perfect for those water adventure shots without dangerous water! I also love that it looks like the beach in the middle of the mountains and woods!

grand teton national park leigh lakebride and groom walking in lake teton mountains beach

String Lake Trailhead

This trail head is close to the parking lot and so scenic! It looked amazing this fall with the leaves changing color.

string lake teton national park engagements

Granite Canyon

Granite Canyon was such a fun surprise! It’s entrance is closest to Teton Village and is a windy dirt road. It is amazing in the morning light!

Teton National Park Granite Canyon wedding photos

Moulton Row Barns

This little gem is a super popular spot in the park. It’s a tourist attraction that doesn’t require park entrance, so sometimes it’s a challenge to get photos without photobombs. But when you do, it’s a great location!

moulton barn at jackson hole elopement

The Little Pink House

I had never photographed here until 2018 and I can’t wait to again! For the couple that wants structure among nature, this is an awesome choice! I love the pop of color and how it looks so trendy and vintage all in one!

mormon row at jackson hole elopement

Lunch Tree Hill

Lunch Tree Hill is located at Jackson Lake Lodge and has a beautiful view of the Tetons, Mt. Moran, and Jackson Lake. This spot is not my favorite in mid day lighting because there isn’t any shade at the top. However, in the forest with the fall leaves, it’s magical!

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