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“You have bugs crawling all over you”

Not exactly what I thought I would hear while photographing my couple on Saturday. I’ve heard about people who just can’t sit still and act like they have “ants in their pants”. So during bridal photos for Trish and Jim, we went into this cute little grove of aspen trees. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention at all to where I was standing and by the time we were finished with pictures, I was crawling with ants! As we stepped into the light, the groom said, “You have bugs crawling all over you”.  I hadn’t felt anything yet but there were almost 100 ants climbing all over my pant legs. They were already making their way onto my torso, arms, and inside my jumpsuit! GAH! I quickly brushed as many of them off as I could, then excused myself to the bathroom. I stripped down and shook out my jumpsuit a few times, turned it inside out and did that all over again several times. Luckily, none of the ants bit me.

I’ve never had something like that happen as a wedding photographer before. It was so embarrassing! However, the rest of the wedding I couldn’t help but feel like my skin was crawling with them. Thank goodness we were able to continue on with pictures shortly after and the rest of the wedding went easy breezy!

New business portraits

After the wedding, McKenzie grabbed a couple shots for me.  It’s so funny because as a wedding photographer I have no problem telling my couples what to do. But as soon as I get in front of the camera, I’m so awkward for a couple minutes. Now I know how my clients feel when we start their session. Luckily, I, and them, loosen up and the photos turn out amazing! Also helping me feel good was this Calvin Klein jumpsuit I bought at Ross a few months ago. I was so stoked to finally find one! It looks professional enough for weddings, has sleeves, and was comfortable to move in. I’ve been struggling with my body image for awhile due to my chemotherapy weight gain, and I feel myself in these pictures! Thank you McKenzie for grabbing these portraits for me. She’s the best wing woman!

Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis

The wedding venue for this event was the beautiful Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis. This was my first time on their property, and I was so impressed by their hospitality. I can’t wait to share more about their venue in another blog post!

Janelle and Co Wedding Photographer Portrait Janelle and Co Wedding Photographer Portrait Janelle and Co Wedding Photographer Portrait Janelle and Co Wedding Photographer Portrait

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