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I love when brides choose to have their bridal prep photographed! Your wedding day is such a special day with so many small touches that make it memorable.

How to Prepare for Bridal Prep Photos

If you’re getting married at a hotel or resort, I suggest getting ready in your honeymoon suite – consider booking your suite for two nights instead of just one. You’ll have more time in the morning without having to pack everything up and move locations, and a beautiful space to get ready in.

bride putting on wedding shoes

Booking a Spacious Well Lit Room

Think about booking a room that is spacious and has large windows to let in beautiful natural light! How your photos look will depend on the space you have to get ready in – try to find something with neutral, clean walls and decor and request that your bridesmaids help keep the room tidy. Clutter creates distractions in your photos and we don’t want anything to detract from YOU.

bridesmaids helping bride getting ready on wedding day

The Bridal Entourage

Decide who will be helping you into your dress (mom, sisters, bridesmaids) and let them know ahead of time when they’ll be expected to be present.

If you have matching robes for you and the girls, we’ll photograph you together in those first! Then I recommend having them all hustle into their bridesmaid dresses so they are put together to help you into your dress.

bride in robe bridal prep

Schedule Extra Time for Hair and Makeup

Always schedule more time than you think you need for hair and makeup. They almost always run behind and is on of the reasons weddings may run late (in my experience). The same goes for any lace up dresses – ladies, they take a good 30 minutes sometimes! Plan ahead. I’d much rather have you relaxing with your girls than checking the clock every 5 minutes.

Typically, I don’t photograph you until your hair and makeup are finished and you are ready to get into your dress, unless you request otherwise. We’ll grab some fun touch-up shots though so don’t you worry!

bride getting ready

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