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Why You may want to include your dog(s) in photos

If you’re like 68% of Americans, you have a pet! And if you have a dog, you are in the company of about 37% of the US. Including your pet in your photo shoot is something very special. While you may choose to include any of your pets, dogs are the most common pet included in family photos. Your pet is a part of your family! And you may even call them your “baby” or “kid” in joking or in all seriousness. So include them in a few photos and document the relationship they have with you.  If you plan to bring your pet along to your session, here are a few tips.

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General Tips for Including your pets in your photos

    1. Be sure to bring their leash.
    2. Bring a bowl and some water for them while they wait.
    3. Bring a baggie to clean up after your pet depending on the location of the photo session.


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Photo Specific Tips

    1. Ask your photographer if they are comfortable having your pet in attendance. Let them know what the expect from your pet, and also what photos you want your dog or other pet included in.
    2. Have your photographer capture some solo photos of just the furry friends!
    3. Have a helper come who can hold dog leashes during the photos you don’t want them included in.
    4. Make sure they are freshly bathed and groomed and looking sharp for your pictures.


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Photo Shoot Ready

And that’s that! Enjoy your photoshoot with your furriest of friends and cherish their beautiful photos. So what are you waiting for? Contact me today about booking your photoshoot and including your pets!


romantic couple sand dune idaho engagements

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